Client Gifts 2012

Because of You, I Don’t Have to Eat Top Ramen.
Thank You.

For the holidays this year, I wanted to make something handcrafted and authentic for my clients. It was about time that I gave back to the people that helped make this year so memorable and awesome. So for each card, I hand-lettered the thank you message and then digitally printed them. I then personalized each card by hand-lettering and inking each person’s name. I also handcrafted the envelopes by cutting, scoring, folding and adhering the pattern paper on the inside. Once the card was placed inside, it was all tied up with a piece of twine.

To accompany the card, I decided some homemade caramel apple jam would be a nice holiday treat…and so CamJam was born. I’m looking forward to this summer, when I can try my hand at salsa, bbq sauce and of course, more jam. CamJam! It’s just fun to say…


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