To Resolve 2013

To Resolve 2013 - Relax

Hello 2013, and happy anniversary CWID! 2012 was an exciting year, full of trials and tribulations, but we learned so much and made it work! We’re so excited about continuing to grow, learn and make 2013 just as special.

So it’s time for another resolution! For this year’s To Resolve submission, we’re going with “Relax. Enjoy the Ride.” Running your own business can get overwhelming – there’s always a million things to do. But instead of freaking out, we’re resolving to just take a deep breath…relax…and enjoy the adventure…even during the crazy busy times. So bring it on, 2013! We’re looking forward to another amazing year!

If you’d like to use this as your iPhone 5 wallpaper, you can download the image here.