Red Door Properties

Project Details

Red Door Properties’ previous site was set up primarily like a “never-ending-scrolling” blog, and their listings, key business strengths and neighborhood information was hard to find and navigate.

We took the approach of starting from scratch, reassessing RDP’s primary goals and target audience, and then built the new site’s responsive infrastructure around those key aspects. The new site needed to reflect the essence of the Red Door brand, from their high level of professionalism to their client-focused business practices. We focused on highlighting their current listings, searching the Denver neighborhoods, and emphasizing their on-going client relationships. From the clean, refreshing design aesthetic to the logical content organization, the site accurately reflects RDP and supports their mission to provide top level real estate services to their ever-growing client base.

Big shout out to Leigh and Wendy for all their help, support, and hard work to make this site come to life. And another big thank you to Marc Munz, RDP’s graphic design guru, who was instrumental in helping to guide the design process along, and who also created the amazing Denver neighborhood map!

Leigh and Wendy are class acts, and we feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity! Thanks ladies!

Red Door Properties

Wendy Hession

Leigh Wilbanks