Project Details

Blazent provides IT visibility & intelligence solutions that help large companies uncover opportunities to optimize IT operations, reduce risks and lower costs. In order to communicate more effectively with their target audience, we’ve teamed up with Blazent’s Marketing Director, John Leuthold, to help rebrand their marketing fliers, web banners, price sheets, white papers, email newsletters, and more. We’ve simplified layouts, updated graphics and created a unified and consistent look that matches Blazent’s high quality IT products and solutions.

In their words

Cameron Walker gets a top rating from me as a marketing partner. Very responsive, able to hit deadlines and most importantly, delivers top-notch creative design. What impresses me most is Cameron’s ability to link design concepts across mediums to ensure consistency and a good customer experience.

John Leuthold
Marketing Director, Blazent

MarketPulse flier

Webinar Banner

Visibility Web Banner

ServiceNow Web Banner

Data Quality Web Banner