Ink Lounge 2013 Calendar

Ink Lounge Creative - Detail

Last December, I took this awesome screen printing class at Ink Lounge Creative, where I created my very own 2013 calendar. I of course had to bring really detailed and intricate artwork, just to give Nicky a challenge at creating my screens…but she rocked it, and they came out perfectly. (Thanks Nicky!)

Ink Lounge Creative
– Photo by Stu Alden

Look at that big ole smile! Ha! I had such a blast learning all about the screen printing process from Nicky and Stu (the talented duo that runs Ink Lounge). It was pretty cool to see how the artwork gets prepared, how the screens are exposed and then how it all comes together. There’s something really great about the handmade quality of a screen print…and now I want to learn more! This class was just an introduction to the craft, so I plan on taking their Beginning Ink class one of these days. Fun stuff!

If you’re at all interested in screen printing, or are just looking for a fun-filled crafting experience, you should definitely spend a day at Ink Lounge Creative! Good times!